The Harmony Candle

In collaboration with

A limited edition sculptural, dual burning candle made of a blend of high quality fully refined paraffin wax, thoughtfully packaged in bespoke luxury candle boxes.

Our limited edition luxury candle

Inspired by the calmness and authentic pleasures that life has to offer.

The collaboration between NAIA and Melle coming together in Harmony. Our values, beliefs and aesthetic are harmoniously reached though understanding and built through giving. The Harmony candle represents our passion and love for bringing people together in a harmonious setting.

May you not only feel the peace and love with our candle but may you continue to lighten your life with every harmonious pleasure that life has to offer.

Handmade in South Africa

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    We ship to most areas in South Africa via our trusted courier at a standard rate of R99. Free shipping on orders over R1500.

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  • Candle Care

    Remember to always handle our candles, but mostly yourself, with care.

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